PhotonStar are leaders in lighting that is biologically optimised for the best in health and wellbeing. Our lighting and controls are designed and manufactured in the UK and are the choice of the NHS and many leading care home providers who are putting the human benefits at the forefront of their lighting decision. We also provide circadian lighting solutions into hospitals (including dementia wards), schools, workplaces and other healthcare ad residential care facilities such as mental health.

We listen carefully to our customers, and consider the specific needs of the care environment. We provide the best in proven biologically optimised LED lighting and control technology that can be used in a familiar way by those who prefer things to work just the way they always have done.

Our products, unlike standard tuneable white lighting, give far better stimulating light in the day; and far less stimulating, more restful lit spaces at night. Our controls are optimised for simplicity and reliability and sit discreetly hidden so that residents just cotinue to use familiar swithes or conventional occupancy sensors. The results are happy staff and residents who experience better restful nights, and fulfilling happier days.

We will work closely with your clinical, operations, maintenance and inetrior design team to provide a care focussed solution based on our proven approach in other homes. We deliver the best health and wellbeing results without compromising on style or causing unnecessary inconvenience  Р  even if retrofitting into a fully occupied home.

On completion, we will support your staff in getting the best results from your solution. We also help you to promote and explain the benefits and advantages to the families and loved ones of those living in your care home. Read our example relataive’s booklet.

Halcyon Sunrise to Sunset v3b - Clean Strip TALL - CENTRE - Care Patients RGB

Dynamic lighting is completely automatic – just use the exsiting conventional switches.


Bright spaces that feel like they are daylit encourages mormal daytime activity.


Warm evening light prepares people naturally for quality sleep.