Sleep is essenital. If we sleep better, we live better, we think better, we heal better, we eat better, we remember more, we communicate better and understand more.

Our work in elderly, demential and mental residential care is about one thing – improving sleep. We are part of a bigger solution that may include some operational considerations, and may be bolstered by some other technologies, all focussed on providing better sleep.

For the elderly, night distrubances bring increased risks of falls. Nightime waking can be upsetting and confusing, and may also disturb other residents. Sundowning or sundown syndrome is upsetting for both the resident and the caregivers. By improving the evening and night time outcomes, many residents see improvements in their enjoyment of their daytime too. We achieve this by providing better, brighter light during the day, a managed regular “sunset” and eliminating the blue light at night. Our technology is the only one available today that is optimised to achieve the lowest levels of blue at night whilst still allowing a reasonable level for vision, therefore providing the best evening and sleep outcomes. Our circadian specialists have experience in designing the solutions to give the best outcomes.

The Alzheimer’s society recommend looking at increasing light in the day and reducing at night to aleviate sundowning syndrome. Read more on their site HERE

This video (not made by photonstar) shows the dramatic impact of lack of sleep. It has many familiarities to anyone who has spent time with those living with dementia.