Improving Sleep – Improving Lives

Good sleep leads to better days. A stable body clock that is closer to nature’s rhythm is proven to reduce many of the challenges in care homes today – improving the lives of those living in residential care as well as reducing the cost of providing quality care. Circadian lighting changes throughout the day and night to support the natural requirement for daylight, and for effective darkness, nourishing the circadian rhythmn.

Halcyon Sunrise to Sunset v3b - Clean Strip TALL - CENTRE - Care Patients RGB

Darkness and light – both are essential to health and wellbeing

PhotonStar has had a ten year journey in circadian lighting, working with the NHS, Coventry University, leading innovators in the care community, the Lighting Industry Association and supported by funding from the UK government.

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Why is sleep quality so important for the elderly and those living with dementia? Read More HERE

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